'Simpsons' Fan Tests Whether One Of Bart's Iconic Pranks Would Actually Work


In a Simpsons episode that goes down as one of the classics, Bart finds row upon row of megaphones during a field trip to the police station. 

He naturally does what any mischievous ten-year-old boy would do, and decides to have some fun. More specifically, he lines up about 15 of them, and shouts “testing” through the window.

The noise this creates is loud enough to shatter windows all over Springfield, and Bart – as a consequence – gets sent to military school.

Wondering if this prank would work in real life, Simpsons fan and YouTuber TheBackyardScientist decided to recreate it, and see how much mayhem he could muster…

While shouting through ten megaphones lined up on a table actually didn’t really do anything, putting them in a circle on the floor had much more interesting results.

It made the most annoying noise that you’ll hear today.

You’ve got to love science…

Images via TheBackyardScientist / Fox

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