A Rapper Couldn't Afford His Restaurant Bill So He Jumped Into The Sea To Avoid Police


We’ve all been over-faced by a food bill at one point in our lives. For me it was when I went on a far too decadent second date with a girl in Knightsbridge, insisted on not going halves and then seeing what we’d racked up with a lobster that I didn’t even enjoy and some average wine. I bit my tongue, put it on the credit card and didn’t spend for the rest of the month.

I also ate too much that night and ended up being sick. Total waste of money. But anyway, my point is that I paid and suffered for it. Maybe if I’d run off, I could have gotten away with that massive hole in my pocket. But where? The closest ocean was miles away.

This comes after an Australian rapper, Terry Peck, or 2Pec (as he’s known to no-one) jumped into the sea to avoid paying for a $621 seafood bill.


The Australian rapper, 33, visited a multi-award winning seafood restaurant on Australia’s Gold Coast on Sunday, racked up this immense bill and then saw fit to run into the sea… that way he wouldn’t have to pay.

But that’s where his genius plan ended. He then just waited there, refusing to come out of the water.

A report from Queensland Police says he ordered a “substantial amount of seafood and alcohol”, including two lobsters, baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots (awful) and “a number of Coronas”.

He then fled and was chased by staff until he ran into the ocean at Surfers Paradise’s Main Beach. Seriously.

That’s when he refused to come back to the shore, meaning that police had to be towed to him on the back of Life Guard jet skis.

“Police will allege they attempted to negotiate with the man to exit the water by himself, but he refused,” says a statement from Queensland Police. “Police were then forced to enter the water and apprehend the man, bringing him back to shore without incident.”


Peck was later charged in court with stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer. He later spoke to ABC news and said that the lobster was overcooked.

He was granted bail but must stay at his home address in Labrador and not return to Omeros Bros.

It’s funny how rappers go on about spending all of the cash but then you get ones like this, running away from a bill.

It’s like when you get Wiz Khalifa going on about drinking non-vintage Veuve Clicquot. That’s like £30 a bottle. Hardly impressive there, Wiz.

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