PornHub Have Released A New App Specifically For Sending Nudes


Sending nudes is a treacherous pastime but one with a pretty good payoff if you do it right. Like it or not, it’s a fairly unavoidable custom in 2017 and not one that shows any sign of losing momentum.

With that in mind, you’d have thought that pre-existing apps would have started to accommodate the sending and receiving of the fleshy photos but no, they discourage it with a pretty heavy hand. That’s where PornHub stepped in, saving the youth from a problem they didn’t really know they faced.

TrickPics is the app that they’ve released and it’s designed specifically with sending nudes in mind. What it does though, like Snapchat and such, is add filters to cover your modesty…

Well that seems fair, but how do the pictures look in real life?

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So it works, eh?

The thing is, my only reservation with it (other than totally negating the point of nudes) is that I get embarrassed if people on the train see that I have Tinder on my phone. Sure the app icon for TrickPics in innocuous enough but if it picks up in popularity, everyone will know what I get up to if they see that I have it… which I don’t. Don’t even check, alright?

Explaining why we need it, Corey Price, VP of Pornhub, said in a statement:

Selfies have become a popular form of self-expression it today’s society. They are essentially the self-portrait of the digital age, capturing individuals in all their glory.”

And Pornhub believe that you should be able to share all of that glory with whoever you want, consequence free…

At least it’s keeping people safe? Thanks, Pornhub!

Image via Pornhub, iStock

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