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Sometimes there are topics that you don’t really know that much about – but you don’t even know where to start when it comes to learning about them. 

Maybe it’s climate change, maybe it’s the war in Yemen or maybe you just don’t know anything current French politics. Or, perhaps you’re interested in finding the answer to simpler questions, like ‘why can’t we stop looking at our phones?’, ‘why do people still smoke?’, or  ‘why do Mexicans drink so much soda?’.

All the important questions.

If you’re the kind of person who feels like they need to know more stuff about stuff, but they don’t know which stuff to start with, then you need to start listening to a podcast called The Inquiry during your morning commute.

I know podcasts aren’t really that cool, but seeming intelligent definitely is – and this series picks apart interesting topics in under 20 minutes, by simplifying the issue to a single question and giving it to fancy experts in the field to explain.

For example, the episode entitled Why is no one trying to stop the war in Yemen? in just over 20 minutes explains how the conflict in Yemen began, why it continues and what can be done to stop it. Despite being short and simplified, the episode gives an extremely fact filled and interesting account, and will educate you enough to join in with polite dinner chat or follow breaking news on the subject.

Just think about the general knowledge section of the pub quiz. Just think.

The most recent episodes cover what will happen if cannabis is legalised, the power of Facebook algorithms, and whether we need a plan B for climate change – but the catalogue of covered topics will leave you annoyingly knowledgeable about the lottery, cancer, gender, the anti-vax movementrobots taking our jobs and many, many more.

And when you’ve finished working through all of those, new topics are released on Thursdays every. single. week.

Listen to ‘The Inquiry’ here

What would you like to learn more about with minimal effort? Let us know in the comments!

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