People Think That Viral '13 Reasons Why' Meme Has Missed The Point Of The Show


In 13 Reasons Why suicidal teenager Hannah Baker records 13 tapes, each of them explaining how a different person contributed to her decision to take her own life. 

She leaves instructions, explaining that these tapes are to be listened to (in full) by all 13 people mentioned, in the hope that they’ll understand how their actions – while sometimes small – contributed to the way that she was feeling.

Aside from the fact that it’s prompted a fascinating (and vitally important) debate around the intricacies of mental health, 13 Reasons Why has also become the inspiration behind the latest viral meme:

“Welcome to your tape” is, of course, something that Hannah frequently says as she begins a new tape, addressing a new person.

Even Netflix is using it as a meme.

Far from finding these jokes funny, many people are arguing that they trivialise Hannah’s story, and are missing the point of the Netflix drama.

13 Reasons Why – while not by any means perfect – made some powerful points. Not only did it point out that suicidal thoughts build up over time, but it also stressed the importance of reaching out to anybody who you think might be struggling.

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Images via Netflix

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