Did You Notice This Important Detail In The 'Game Of Thrones' Teaser?


To drum up yet more excitement for the next series of hit TV show Game Of Thrones, HBO released a bunch of exciting teaser images this morning.

They showed all of our favourite characters, and hinted at lots of exciting things for the next series, including what looked like Khaleesi in Westeros, and Cersei atop the Iron Throne with her brother/lover Jaime at her side.

But it wasn’t their coupling that mattered, it was one small detail that most of us failed to spot. His sword.

Upon closer inspection, fans spotted a ruby embedded in the hilt of his sword – and realised that the blade looked familiar. Could it be the Widow’s Wail, previously gifted by Tywin Lannister to the later-poisoned Joffrey Baratheon in season 4?


Its sister Valyrian steel blade, Oathkeeper, was gifted to Jaime until he passed it along to Brienne of Tarth, who has given it some use in the past few seasons.

So we’re left wondering how this will fit into the next series, and how Jaime ended up with it in his possession. Will he use it to kill Cersei, like the internet conspiracy theories claim he is bound to do?

With a name like ‘Widows Wail’ we cant help but feel like it has something to do with dear old Cersei.

Game Of Thrones will return on July 16th.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images: HBO

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