Man Lost His Wallet In 2003, People Who Found It Now Hold A Yearly Drinking Session In His Honour


Losing anything is unbelievably stressful. You search your house top to bottom for your wallet or your keys or your phone and then you get furious at yourself for having it on silent meaning you can’t call it to find where it is. Usually you find things within a day but, sadly, sometimes certain possessions elude us for the rest of our lives.

That’s presumably what Tim Burrows assumed about his wallet when he lost it at Reading festival back in 2003. You go 14 years without something in your life that you used to have, you sort of have to put two and two together and think it’s gone for good.

Oddly though, Burrows got a message on Facebook years later asking whether he has misplaced his wallet way back when. He said he had and then things got a little weird…


Sort of…


So before turning in Tim’s wallet, the friend of a man called Giles slipped ten pounds out of it and bought a load of cider. You may think that might not buy you lots but you’re not looking hard enough if you haven’t come across White Lightning, K Cider, Frosty Jacks or Old Rosie.

After that, they had an annual drinking competition in Tim’s honour. That’s sort of nice, isn’t it?

I’d love to have a drinking competition in my name, the only problem is that I don’t go out.

My parents do this thing where they drink as much as possible when I’m around, though. Something about coping with my company or something..? I don’t know what their problem with The Hook is but whatever. I guess that’s drinking in my honour to some extent?

I’ll ask my dad when he unblocks me from Whatsapp.

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