James Blunt Got Insulted For Four Minutes Straight In This Interview And It's Hilarious


Everyone knows now that James Blunt is a really funny guy and doesn’t mind taking the piss out of himself one bit. The whole advert for his latest album was people going to a self-help class because they enjoyed his music.

He’s also well-known for being hilarious on Twitter, slagging himself off and also slaying trolls left, right and centre.

With that in mind, he went on Hard Chat, a show where comedian Tom Gleeson just goes in on people for a few minutes.

As you might expect, Blunt held his own and didn’t bite. He did very well, in fact…

This is a Tom Gleeson parody in question…

I know it was annoying but was You’re beautiful really that bad? Even if it was, you have to forgive a man who wrote the 100% belter, 1973, of anything, don’t you?

Image via YouTube

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