This Image Of Jeremy Corbyn Dabbing Has Become A Hilarious Meme


Some people dab so often that they might as well live the rest of their lives stuck in that position, just for the sake of convenience. To be fair, however, it seem that the dance has pretty much infected every nook and cranny of the entire globe.

These days, it wouldn’t even be surprising if you caught your Nan hitting it after a cheeky win on bingo night.


Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks are just a few out of the masses who have hopped onto the dabbing wagon since it originated in Atlanta, USA, and now Jeremy Corbyn has joined the wave – sort of.

Creatives behind the social media handle:  posted a cartoon of Jeremy Corbyn dabbing, with the surrounding text taken from a snippet of the Labour leader’s own previously spoken words: “They say I don’t play by the rules — their rules. They’re quite right. I don’t.”


As expected, the post was thoroughly mocked on social media, producing what can only be referred to as a severely mixed response.

Some were angered by Corbyn’s apparently distorted sense of priorities (despite it being a piece of artwork and not actually him, but whatever – details, I suppose):

Whilst others were clearly enthused by Jeremy’s attempt to get down with the youths:

And one took the meme and even speculated a potential political future with it:

Back in February, Labour’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, pulled a ‘cheeky dab’ during Prime Minister’s Questions, and a student even dabbed whilst Jeremy Corbyn played the violin during a school visit. Perhaps since everyone in his midst is busting a move, it won’t be too long until Corbyn actually dabs; and who knows? He might pull a Hillary Clinton and do the mannequin challenge too. Or is that not on trend anymore? It’s so difficult to keep up with these things.

After deep deliberation, it’s clear that there is just one question on everyone’s lips after this whole situation. A question that bears great significance in these gruelling times; with an answer that could, potentially, solve many global concerns.

That question, my friends, is, very simply, this:

People have also inevitably turned Jeremy’s quote – “They say I don’t play by the rules — their rules. They’re quite right. I don’t.” – into a meme.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Images via Twitter

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