Harry Styles Is Being Accused Of Ripping Off An Old Hit For His New Single


Former One Direction cult leader band member Harry Styles is really struggling with his attempt at a solo career.

His first song was a hit with critics, but not so much with his young fans. His self titled debut album demonstrated a vibe very different to the one they bought into during his One Direction days.

After an unfortunate Spotify glitch, his new album failed to hit its streaming targets, and the people of the world seem distinctly unimpressed with his latest work. And, as if to kick him while he’s down, there are now claims he used the guitar riff from a 70’s song in his latest wistful guitar ballad.

If you loved Breaking Bad, you would recognise the song Baby Blue by Badfinger from its inclusion in the hit series final scene.

Check out the two songs here:

Do you think they sound similar? Let us know in the comments!

Images via SNL

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