A "Gotham City" Theme Park Is Opening


While the various Batman movies haven’t exactly sold us on the idea of Gotham as a tourist destination, we’d be lying if we said that – given the chance – we wouldn’t visit. 

The opportunity to stalk the streets of Gotham is one that probably appeals to most DC fans (despite the danger), and Warner Bros. are obviously well aware of it.

Their upcoming theme park Warner Bros. World (currently being built in Abu Dhabi) is adding a fully immersive Gotham City, which will encourage visitors to patrol the streets alla Batman, looking out for the Joker and other such nefarious folk.

They’ve released this concept art, giving us an idea of what it will look like:


There will apparently be rides, restaurants and plenty of menacing alleyways, all as an homage to Batman’s home turf.

The $1 billion theme park – which strangely enough will be an indoor facility – will also include Superman’s city of Metropolis, as well as other rides dedicated to other DC characters.


It’s apparently about 60% complete, and on course to open in 2018.

Warner Bros. are hoping that it will become “a top-ten global destination for family fun.”

Would you visit? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Warner Bros. 

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