Girl Sends Epic 'Why You Should Date Me' PowerPoint To Her Crush


The dating world can be pretty cutthroat at times. Sometimes when I try to approach girls and speak to them I feel like I’m in the Dragons Den doing my best to convince them to invest in me and my inevitably shit idea.

Dating, I suppose, is really the ultimate sales pitch, but that begs the question: ‘What makes a good sales pitch?’

The answer is, of course, a PowerPoint presentation.

That’s what one girl from Minnesota realised, and so decided to draw up a six slide plan for her crush detailing exactly what he’s missing out on, and why he should date her.

Lizzy Fenton, who is studying Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, had obviously come up against similar obstacles to me when trying to get attention of the person she liked, so she sent a presentation entitled ‘Why You Should Date Me’ to one Carter Blochwitz in a bid to prove she was the woman for him.

powerpoint 2

Lizzie starts off saying she is ‘well-dressed’, ‘a tantalizing conversationalist’ and ‘will be sure to win the approval of your mother.’

On the second slide she turns to using visual aids in her presentation, claiming that having a ‘diverse hairstyle’ is like ‘dating three completely different people.’

She then provides a scientific analysis to ‘prove my breasts will grow longer with time.’

This where she really demonstrates her scientific flair, providing a graph and tests results to prove her theory, concluding that ‘it can be extrapolated that each breast will be roughly the circumference of a human head by the year 2025.’

She then goes on to say she is financially stable and gives photographic proof of her salary ($12.84) and ties to benefactors (mum).

On the final slide she ends the presentation with what the critics have been saying about her including Channing Tatum who ‘wanted to ask her out but was way out his league’ and Carter’s ex girlfriend who she attributes as saying ‘she’s definitely an upgrade. Nice work, old sport.’

Lizzie tweeted the slides in March and they have since received a lot of attention, with her even providing an update on what Carter had thought of her attempts at convincing him.

Unfortunately he wasn’t as impressed as everyone else though, asking her to ‘please stop contacting me’.

Thankfully the two seem to be good friends and it’s possible he may have even been in on the joke.

Even Microsoft, the company behind PowerPoint, were made aware of Lizzie’s efforts commenting that Lizzie was ‘pretty dang great at PowerPoint.’

Not the ending we all hoped for but now Lizzie’s sold herself so well I’m sure there’ll be plenty of men queueing up to take her out.

What do you think of Lizzie’s presentation? Let us know in the comments!

(images via twitter/@LizzyFenton)

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