Game Of Tennis Interrupted By Couple Loudly Having Sex Nearby


Almost every job in sports is a stressful one. Whether you’re a sportsman of if you’re a coach, board member, or even commentator, you have something to worry about.

For the sportsmen, it’s obvious what’s going to cause the stress. For the managers and coaches, it’s similar. The board members just have to worry about fucking over Arsenal and then there’s the commentators. They’ve got a lot on their plate. Not only do they need to know just about everything, they need to be able to fill time and explain what exactly is going on in the game that they’re narrating.

So what happens when the game of tennis you’re commentating gets interrupted by some very loud sex? You just have to sort of… roll with it. During the Sarasota Open when¬†Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger faced off against each other, the game was briefly stopped when people thought that someone was accidentally playing porn on their phone in the audience.

It then transpired that it was a couple in an apartment across the lake…

The commentator says:

Well, that is the most bizarre situation. I don’t know how to put this, folks. Someone’s phone went off in the stands…and it was an adult video.”

Things go quiet for a bit but then the noise comes back with a vengence, to which he says:

I still hear it…it’s still going.”

Tiafoe then hilariously shouts:

It can’t be that good?!

The commentator then clarifies things, saying:

No, that’s not a phone,” he says. “That’s an apartment across the lake.

Props to whoever was making the woman moan like that though… teach me?

Amazing stuff. My brother thinks cricket is better than tennis. This proves him wrong.

Images via YouTube

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