First Weed Drive-Thru Opens On 4/20


In case you didn’t know already, today is 4/20, aka National Weed Day, a yearly event on April 20th where people gather around, smoke weed and salute the green – so if I start going off on a tangent and talking about conspiracies at least you know why…

Unsurprisingly, the event started off in America, where in many states such as California and Colorado, marijuana is legalised. Nobody’s quite sure where the concept originated from exactly, but there are several theories, including the idea that 420 was the California police or penal code for weed, although this has never been proved.


Many people celebrate the day in different fashions, but one businessman in Colorado has decided to mark the occasion with a revolutionary new idea- a drive-thru weed shop.

Yep, for all you stoners out there your dreams have been realised, as The Tumbleweed Express opens its doors for the first time, allowing customers to drive in, select what they want from the menu and order from the car park outside.

They then complete the transaction by driving up to the counter and picking the good stuff up. It’s as simple as ordering a burger, only probably way better for you…

58 year old Mark Smith is CEO of the business and the brains behind the operation.

He told ABC News: “Almost like ordering sushi, we’re going to have paper menus were people can fill out exactly what they want and then give them to the security out there.

That will be communicated into here, so they can prepare their order in advance. So really the drive-thru is hopefully just going to be a pick up point.”

The menu will feature a variety of marijuana-based treats – which can come in the form of chocolate and caramel snacks as well as punch served on site.

The grand opening is expected to garner significant media interest with news outlets covering the whole day, which will include live music, food trucks, radio broadcasts and product giveaways.

The drive-thru is located in Parachute, Colorado, a small town home to around 1,100 people. Weed was legalised in Colorado in 2014, where weed sales are a big part of the local economy.

In 2016 they accounted for nearly 30% of the tax revenue for the year, and the drive-thru has actually been welcomed by the community.

According to Post Independent Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur said: “We think the drive-thru is a very creative and innovative idea”.

He also claimed that “other businesses are benefiting from it” due to the fact that it will attract out of town visitors and people off the highway who will invest more money into local shop and restaurants.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but I doubt we’ll be getting one over here anytime soon. You know, because it’s still illegal and all that.

However you are celebrating today though, I wish a Happy National Weed Day to all, and to all a good night.

Would you enjoy a weed-drive thru? Let us know in the comments!

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