The First Official Stills From 'Game Of Thrones' Offer Some Clues...


With months still to go before we see Game of Thrones season seven, HBO have whet our appetite with some tantalising stills. 

Showing all the major players, they’ve actually granted us a couple of clues as to what might be going on…

There’s Daenerys on dry land, with what just might be the Iron Throne behind her.

Then Arya, who is hopefully back at Winterfell…

Jon Snow looking regal.

And Cersei, with Jaime (at least for now) by her side.

Here’s Tyrion:

And Brienne and Tormund, hopefully getting it on:

The Hound’s around:

As is new fan favourite, Lyanna Mormont.

Davos is looking grumpy as ever:

While Littlefinger and Sansa seem to at least be on speaking terms…

Here’s Missandei:

And Bran and Meera, having a shit time.

Sam and Gilly (can Gilly read?) kicking back:

And Varys, being Varys:

Then here’s the whole squad:

There’s no Jorah in sight, and we still haven’t seen Gendry…

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Images via HBO

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