The First 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2' Reviews Are In...


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is coming out in two weeks and none of us can wait to be introduced to another awesome mix, more gratuitous space fun and to delve deeper into the ever-expanding MCU.

For some lucky, lucky people, the doors have been opened for the press-screenings of the film and although there’s an embargo until closer to the release, critics and journalists have taken to Twitter to tell us that the film is just as fantastic as we hoped it would be.

So that’s pretty good, right? It’s no wonder that James Gunn has been signed on to write and direct yet another Guardians film after this one.

Also you might have noticed there that people were going on about four post-credits scenes. That’s a lot. Back in the day you used to only get one if you were lucky, then Marvel started doing two and now we’re getting four?! No, we’re not.

Apparently the press-screening wasn’t the finished product and we’re actually getting five!

We’ve also been told to watch closely in the credits themselves and that this Stan Lee cameo is the best one yet.

But what could five post-credits mean? I think we’ll get one of Howard the Duck getting up to some sort of business as hinted in the first film and there will be two other fairly plot-irrelevant ones that are there purely for fun. After/before that, expect more serious stuff with Thanos or The Hulk making his way to space or something (they are just guesses but ones I’d like to see).

To be honest though, it could just be Chris Pratt scratching his balls for five minutes and I’d still watch it.

Images via Marvel

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