Ed Sheeran Walked Into An Irish Bar And Things Went Wild


You may or may not have heard but there’s a semi-popular singer doing the rounds at the minute going by the name of Ed.

Ed’s latest album has earned him a small cult following, and his success has meant that the record label can now afford to send him to Ireland to record his music videos.

On his album, Divide, Ed has a track called Galway Girl, and so Galway on the west coast or Ireland seemed like a fitting place to knock together a music video for the song. His popularity meant that the odd person from around town thought that it worth popping down to the pub where the shoot was taking place to have a chat with Ed and wish him all the best and all that.

And by the odd person, what we mean is this rowdy bunch here.

Thank you to Galway and all the wonderful people in it for helping us shoot a music video yesterday x

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It’s fair to say that the people of Galway were pretty darn excited about this Ed fella.

I take this tweet as an insult. I was in Galway a couple of years ago and I thought it was pretty exciting, to learn all these years later that my feelings weren’t reciprocated is quite frankly devastating. 

We don’t know when the video will be finished, but we’re going to stick our necks on the line and suggest that it will pick up the odd view here and there. 

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