Ed Sheeran Gets Trolled Hard With Deliberate Tattoo Typo


Choosing a tattoo has got to be an incredibly hard decision to make. I’m possibly the most indecisive person in the world – going out to eat is often a nightmare, so I could never commit to something that permanent because I know for a fact I’d make a bad choice and end up regretting it.

Ed Sheeran is someone who seems a lot more blasé about tattoos than I do though, and it’s a good job given what happened with his latest addition.

Evidently pleased with the recent success of his song Galway Girl, Ed decided to have the song title tattooed on his arm.

But instead of going to an actual tattooist, the chart topper entrusted the job to Oscar nominated actress Saoirse Ronan, who appeared in the music video for the song last week.

Instead though, she opted to write ‘Galway Grill’, which sounds more like a burger place than anything.

Ed explained:

“When we were filming it I meant to get a tattoo of her handwriting saying Galway Girl from her point of view.

It actually says Galway Grill. G-R-I-L-L. She really took the p**s out of me — full on.”

He didn’t seem too bothered adding: “I haven’t actually told anyone that yet. I’m actually quite proud of her. It’s the kind of thing I would do.”

The hit-maker is almost as notable for his tats as he is for singing, and already has a Heinz ketchup logo and a teddy bear due to his childhood nickname of Teddy.

I’m sure he’ll get over this recent mishap pretty quickly though, the incredible success of his album Divide will surely help ease the pain.

Had any unfortunate tattoo mishaps? Let us know in the comments!

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