Drag Queen's Instagram Account Showcases 100 Terrifying Looks


I struggle to muster the effort to put on a layer of foundation and a blob of mascara on my bus journey into work in the mornings. 

So when I found Harry Whitfield’s, otherwise known as Charity Kase, insane Instagram account, I felt ashamed at my general make-up apathy. Why? Because the drag artist has been completely recreating his look, and I mean completely, every single morning for the past 100 days and I can’t even be bothered with lipstick.

Harry, who is an artist and clothes designer, took on the challenge to dare himself to reach the limits of his own creativity on a daily basis, and what he’s achieved is phenomenal and at times, pretty fucked up:


Day 55 #100daysofdrag She dug her nails deep into her porcelain chest and violently tore open the flesh. Reaching deep inside her body she dragged out a demonic infant. Her body torn asunder but her soul as one. Who could have predicted the outcome of an exorcism? Used: @kryolanuk tv paint stick, @mehronuk clown white, red grease paint, liquid latex and stage blood, @givefacecos loose pigment in Harlot, liquid lip base and highlighter In Lacey, @urbandecaycosmetics eyeshadow pallet, @katvondbeauty tattoo liner, @nyxcosmeticsuk_cheek contour duo pallete and milk jumbo eye pencil, @stargazerproducts pressed white powder and glitters. Thanks to @tuttiifruittiilondon for my hair! #demonbaby #100daysofmakeup #dragqueen #londondrag #clubkid

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The stuff of amazingly constructed nightmares, eh? The challenge was meant to be for a hundred days, but as Harry explained he’s extending it to a whole year:

“It started as 100, but I don’t feel quite finished. I have so many more concepts and ideas to execute it’d be a shame to stop at 100 so I’m carrying on for the full 365. The only thing I miss about my normal life is my eyebrows.”

What dedication!

Check out more of Charity Kase‘s amazing looks below:










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