Donald Trump Just Made It Legal To Shoot Bears While They're Hibernating


Donald Trump has repealed Obama’s wildlife protection laws, and made it legal in Alaska to shoot and kill bears while they’re hibernating. 

Hunters will also now be allowed to use “aggressive tactics”, including luring bears with food to kill them at close range, trapping animals while they’re at their dens with cubs, using aircraft to track them, and using wire snares to capture them.

This was all illegal under Obama’s administration, but in a move applauded by Alaska’s Republican congressman and the NRA, Trump has just signed a new bill to legalise this type of hunting.

Animal welfare groups have spoken strongly against this decision, with the Humane Society issuing the following statement:

“What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America.

If the Senate and President concur, we’ll see wolf families killed in their dens (and) bears chased down by planes.”


This isn’t the first time that Trump has angered animal lovers. After America was outraged by the killing of Cecil the lion, the now-President defended his two sons, both of whom enjoy hunting big game in Africa.

Pictures of Eric Trump and Donald Jr. surfaced. showing them posing with their kills. In one, they can be seen holding a dead leopard, and in another, Donald holds the tail of an elephant that he had seemingly just cut off.

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