Disgraced Footballer Adam Johnson Caught Saying He Wishes He'd Raped Victim


Ex Sunderland and England footballer Adam Johnson has been filmed inside prison joking around with fellow inmates about wishing he had actually raped his victim.

Johnson, who is currently serving a six year sentence for child sex offences with a 15-year-old fan in 2016, was caught on video secretly filmed in the laundry room at Category C HMP Moorland in South Yorkshire.

He can be seen talking openly about his convictions with other inmates, with one prisoner asking the former Premier League star: “You never even f****d the bird?”

“I didn’t even get my c**k out,” Johnson replies in the video, obtained by The Sun.

“It’s not like you f*****g raped her or owt like that?” the other inmate asks.

To which Johnson replied: “No, I wish I f*****g did for six years.”

In the disgusting footage, which is six minutes long, he can also be heard bemoaning his harsh treatment due to his high profile and public image. He claims that the girl’s father would never have gone to the police if he wasn’t a professional footballer, and that he is serving time alongside people who have ‘s*****d 12 year olds’ that are only doing ‘half the time’ as him.

It is thought that the 29-year-old father of one was hoping to move to a lower security prison, but sources told The Sun that this recent incident is likely to have destroyed any chance of that.

During sentencing Judge Jonathan Rose said that Johnson ‘took advantage of a young teenager’s adoration of a successful celebrity’ and that she had ‘suffered severe psychological harm.’

In July last year he had been refused permission to appeal his conviction.

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