You Can Now Use An App To Create Your Own Sex Doll


I get bored of hobbies pretty quick after spending too much money on them. I’ve bought far too many instruments that I’ve lost interest in, there was a bow and arrow that I ordered when I was drunk that gets as much attention from me as Iron Man 2 gets from anyone and if I did decide to get into shagging expensive life-size dolls, you can bet it wouldn’t last.

Apparently – although I’m talking purely hypothetically – I’m not alone in getting bored of the latter “hobby”, as your standard, run of the mill sex doll is losing favour among horny, but bored, men all over the globe.

Not only do they want realistic looking vaginas and breasts that react to touch and whatnot, they want personalities!


Abyss Creations subsidiary, Realbotix, are the company behind providing the people with their A.I. lovers as they create silicone sex dolls called Realdolls. Thanks to a new app created by Realbotix, Harmony A.I., you can now interact with your Realdoll using your smartphone.

It’s all very confusing as there’s like a million companies owned by Abyss Creations that all do slightly different things but, in the end, are essentially the same. I went on their website and it’s actually terrifying. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a company that creates some horrible dystopian future where people aren’t allowed to have children anymore but one couple do and their daughter ends up being a fugitive of the law…


Like Siri, the AI in your Realdoll has the capacity to learn and build up a memory so it knows how to respond to you in certain situations.


According to Abyss Creations, the Realdolls teamed with Harmony A.I. “create an engaging simulation of a relationship”. So there you have it, the end of days.

If you want a learning sex-doll, expect to shed out $10,000. I’ll leave you with this…

Images via Realbotix

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