Brewery Releases A 67.5% Beer That's Available In The UK


You always get that one person who thinks they can outdrink everyone else and down more pints than the rest of the group. I am, admittedly, a lightweight, so I’m a pretty cheap date (for any ladies out there wondering) but that also means that whenever I go out drinking I’m usually the first one on his way to being totally arse-holed.

Snake Venom then, a new beer made by Keith Brewery LTD and quite possibly the strongest beer in the world, is literally my worst nightmare. Seriously, a few swigs of this and I’d be found under a bush the next morning.

It’s 67.5 percent ABV, which put into context with most regular beers is huge- most beer you can pick up at your local supermarket comes in at around the 4-6% mark.

Absinthe, the stuff that everyone at uni seems to claim they can drink like water, and has been known to give people hallucinations, is 80%, so that gives you an indication as what we are dealing with here.

The beer is brewed in Scotland but has only  been available overseas for some time now. I’m not entirely sure why that’s the case, you’d think us Brits would be able to handle our booze better than anyone, but at least it’s arrived now.

This bottle of hangover will set you back a fair price though. A standard 330ml bottle costs £54.99, which does sound steep, but due to the fact it’s so strong the whole group could probably share it and still be hammered.

Not sure I’d have the cojonos to try this stuff though, think I’m more of a rosé spritzer kind of guy. Guilty.

But if you think you’re hard enough, you can purchase it here.

Would you be brave enough to try it? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Snake Venom / iStock

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