Boy Started Business When He Was 13 And Now Makes Millions Selling His Socks


When you were 13, what were you doing? I was trying to get over my love of Lego and Pokémon by trying to look cool and unsuccessfully talking to girls whilst simultaneously doing awfully at school and getting into a lot of trouble for very petty things.

Brennan Agranoff became the CEO of a very successful company when he was 13… puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Sock company HoopSwagg was founded in 2013 and in the four years since, Agranoff has pulled in annual sales of over $1 million (£780,213).


He said he came up with the idea when he was watching a basketball game and noticed that all of the players’ socks were the same boring, plain white. That’s when he wondered whether or not there was a market for custom printed socks.

He decided that there was a market and went ahead with his project, persuading his very generous parents to lend him $3,000 (£2,340) and he got down to it.


After six months of research, Brennan eventually set up shop in his garage, bought tonnes of white socks and got to work with design printing and heat presser machines, creating the initial designs.

After the first year, Brennan was able to increase his reach and clientele with the use of social media and that’s when the money really started rolling in.

His mother is now a business partner and they employ 17 other part-timers with the socks being sold on Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Brennan has ambitions for them to be sold in shops soon so he really shows no sign of slowing down.

Agranoff, now 17, said:

You can’t be too young to learn how to be an entrepreneur.


So yeah, he’s done pretty well for himself. The thing is, though, I recently saw what I would look like as a woman using a new app and I slightly fell in love with her/me… so who’s really winning here?

Huh, Agranoff?! WHO?!

Images via CNN, iStock

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