Bosses Reveal The Worst (And Funniest) Job Interviews They've Ever Seen


If you’re feeling shitty about a less-than-successful job interview, it can be helpful to remember that things could be much, much worse. 

Sure, you might have forgotten to mention your extra-curricular activities, but did you do this…

“I think the one that takes the cake was the graphic designer that brought in his portfolio of paintings depicting women getting murdered in various gruesome ways. He proceeded to tell us how fascinated he was with murder. We walked in pairs to our cars for a while after that.” 

Maybe you should have prepared for the “what’s your biggest weakness question” a little better, but did you bring along your mum??

“Back when I was HR Manager for a market research firm, one of the most awkward interviews was with my candidate and his mother.

This 19 year old who apparently had previous work experience in customer service brought his mother into the interview with him. I politely questioned his mother as to the reasoning of her joining in on the interview and I was told, “I’m just making sure this is the right company for him and making sure you’re asking fair questions.”


I decided to roll with it(why not, this is the most interesting thing I’ve had all week) so I asked my first question.. she answered for him. I politely explained that the interviews I conduct are with the candidate only unless special accommodations are required. I was told, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I thanked them both for coming out and explained that the position requires problem solving and critical thinking on an individual level. Unless I am hiring the both of them under one salary working together as a “full time equivalent”, this wouldn’t work. I was then told I would be sued and to fuck myself.”

We’re really glad that this particular guy didn’t get the job…

“I asked a guy when would he be available to begin work if offered the position…his response was that he would have to put down his dogs in order to begin work as soon as possible but was willing to do that to get the job.

We called him almost immediately after the interview to tell him he wasn’t selected and hopefully save his dogs lives.”


Then you’ve got to respect this girl:

“Had a girl sit across from me put her elbow on my desk then rested her head flat on her hand so that her head was now sideways. She stayed that way through the entire interview.

Another time I asked a guy if he had any special skills, he replied ‘Keepin’ it real with y’all’.”

This will do it…

“When my dad was going through applications, in the “reason for leaving last job” part, a man wrote that he had shot his previous boss in the head. His PO had told him to be honest.”

And you’ve got to admire this guy for trying…

“Had a guy who interviewed for a position. Seemed to do okay in the actual interview, but when he was not selected for the position, he sent us an invoice of a few thousand dollars. He charged us his “normal hourly rate” for his time and billed us for 50 hours.

Edit: The interview was 30 minutes over the phone with a recruiter and 1 hour onsite. He drove to the office which only took him about 30 minutes to drive. He did itemize the bill for us and the bulk of those hours were for “preparation”. We did not pay him. He tried to insist we pay him. We showed our lawyers who just laughed so we still did not pay him.”

We also love this idea:

“My old boss told me that one of the applicants put Jesus Christ has a reference. He asked him “How would we contact your reference…” since the applicant didn’t put any contact info for Jesus and my old boss was curious on how he will answer. Apparently the applicant told him “Like this” and then he started praying.” 

You can read more terrible job interview stories over on Reddit.

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