The Best Twitter Reactions To Serena Williams' Pregnancy


Reigning tennis champion Serena Williams revealed some surprising news via Snapchat yesterday. In a simple bathing suit selfie, the tennis superstar was clearly sporting a baby bump. The 35-year-old later confirmed that she is in fact 20-weeks pregnant, a revelation which has sparked an overwhelming response on social media.

Let’s do the maths. If Serena Williams is currently 20-weeks pregnant, this means that she was also with child when she won the Grand Slam tournament title at the Australian Open in January – two months pregnant, to be exact. Whilst the Snapchat image has now been deleted, fans have since flooded Twitter with expressions of admiration and awe.

One thing that stood out to fans was the timing of this announcement. As yesterday was Maria Sharapova’s birthday, some have speculated that the news was purposefully released in order to steal the spotlight. The two sports stars have had bad blood since 2004, with a history of back-handed compliments and rivalry between them.

All in all, it’s safe to say Williams is in for a good year. Not only will she be marrying Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, but she will also be giving birth “in the fall”.  All of that on top being the highest-paid female athlete in the world?

Slay, Serena. Slay.

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