Backpacker Thinks He's Going To Australia, Ends Up In Sydney, Canada


Travelling is all about the stories you come back with, and so this Dutch guy will go into backpacking folklore after creating a beast of a story just by landing at his destination. 

Milan Schipper, an 18-year-old from Amsterdam, was no doubt expecting that when he landed in Sydney, Australia, he’d be greeted by hot temperatures, beaches and all that jazz. Instead he walked off the plane in Sydney, but on Canada’s East Coast, with the temperature at minus two degrees and a blizzard on the horizon. He’s packed for shorts weather.

Sydney Canda

The mistake happened when Milan thought he had spotted a nifty little bargain and booked a flight that was $300 cheaper than the rest.  He told CBC Radio in Canada:

I thought I was going to Australia but that turned out a little different. The plane was really small and so I figured, would that make it to Australia? I saw the flight plan was going to go right, not left. It was about the time that I realised there was another Sydney.

Milan’s Canadian adventure didn’t last too long, and within five hours he was on a plane back to Amsterdam, where his father greeted him by taking the piss: “He felt really sorry for me, but he thought … only I could do such a thing. He also laughed an awful lot — just like everyone else.”

Everything turned out all right in the end though, an airline heard about Milan’s story and offered him a free ticket to Sydney, Australia. So, for the price of one flight, he now has two stamps in his passport, it may sound like a fuck up but Milan is definitely winning in my book.

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Images via Facebook, Reuters

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