Watch A Six-Year-Old Bruno Mars Impersonate Elvis Presley


We finally know the reason behind Bruno Mars’ slick hair do, dance moves and copious amounts of confidence – he’s been impersonating the King Of Pop since 1992. 

In the cult classic Honeymoon in Vegas there’s a very little Elvis impersonator, and it turns out he was played by none other than the Uptown Funk singer we know and love today. I bet you didn’t realise that cute little kid would one day headline the Superbowl.

Here’s a clip of him in action:

But that wasn’t the first time Bruno had seen the spotlight. Two years earlier, he was featured in a programme about Elvis impersonators, as the youngest pretend Presley ever, at only four years old. The documentary, Viva Elvis (1990), was hosted by Jonathon Ross and is regarded as one of the best documentaries about the Elvis phenomenon.

Bruno is only four years old when interviewed for the documentary (watch it here), and even then it was clear to see he would be a heartbreaker.

Around the same time, he performed in Memphis. This clip of his performance made its way online, including a touching introduction from his father, and a few well timed jokes. Isn’t he cute?

Check it out:

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Lead image: Getty /  Columbia Pictures

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