Video From Inside Sex Doll Factory Shows The Creepy Future Of Sex Robots


It seems that 2018 could be the make-or-break of human sexuality, as it seems more and more people will be opting to have sex with lifeless latex sex dolls instead of other humans. 

The most modern sex dolls are completely mouldable, customisable, and feel pretty similar to having sex with an actual human – except for the part where they don’t move, talk, or you know… moan.

But now, a look into the factory of sex doll manufacturer Real Doll is enough to both pique your interest and put you off the idea of sex dolls completely – as they show you the latex body parts, and their work-in-progress AI for the dolls.

If the dolls themselves weren’t creepy enough, seeing their heads jerk, their eyes blink and their mouths move as they talk is sure to make you squirm in your seat (and not in a good way).

Check it out:

Real Doll aims to launch robots with five personalities  ranging from ‘naive’ to ‘intellectual’, and such a gadget will set you back around £12,300.

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Lead image: YouTube / Heat Street 

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