Supa Hot Fire Is Back And He's Spitting Mad Bars


It’s been about four years since Supa Hot Fire burst into our lives with the best rapping that you’ve ever seen and we’ve never forgotten it. Those bars were just too much for any opponent and it’s fair to say that the genius wordsmith ended his share of careers during his heyday.

Something weird happened though and we didn’t hear from him as much as we’d have liked to after he battled the likes of Chris Rock and Soulja Boy. Maybe we didn’t deserve his work? That’s probably it.

If you need reminding of his genius, have a look at this…

We need some more of that in our lives, right? Well, lucky us as you won’t believe it, but he’s back. HE’S BACK!

I’m in pain for whoever that poor sucker who faced him was, even if it was supposed to be me…

It’s good to see him back. It really is. He may not be a rapper but he’s the saviour of rap.

I’ll leave you with this, a Cardinal Burns sketch about old timey rapper vs new ones. It’s funny…

Images via YouTube

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