Mr Bean Is Back In A New Comedy Film That's Only In China


Mr Bean may jut be one of he most universally loved comedy characters going. Being that he doesn’t really say a word, that immediately makes him a hit with people who don’t speak English and, even for those who do, he’s still a great laugh.

His last film outing was in 2007 when he appeared in Mr Bean’s holiday as he won a trip to France and failed to enjoy the spoils of the country, accidentally falling into helping a lost child find his way back to his father with help from his actress friend. It was a huge hit and performed massively well in China.


With that in mind, Rowan Atkinson is bringing back the previously retired character for a feature film that, so far, is due to release only in China.

Given the fairly descriptive title, Top Funny Comedian, the spin-off of a Chinese variety show of the same name follows a number of comedy characters (including Bean) as they get involved in a load of scrapes whilst visiting Macau. God knows what business Mr Bean has there in the first place though.


Somewhat surprisingly, the film has been compared to The Hangover trilogy and, like those films, it has a cameo from Mike Tyson… because he’s a top funny comedian, right?

Comedian Guo Degang, who also appears in the film, took to singing Rowan Atkinson’s praises, saying how they were able to transcend their language barrier with humour:

Just with facial expressions and gestures we seemed to understand each other.

It was really an interesting experience, which proves that comedy can cross boundaries.

Here’s the trailer…

Very deep pockets in China.

I see. Does it look like your kind of film? Really, does it?

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