Emma Watson Is Making A Crazy Amount Of Money For Beauty And The Beast


Before the Golden Age of Hollywood, actors were considered some of the most unimportant people in the production of a film. They weren’t paid very much at all and were not respected one little bit. Something changed in between then and now which has lead to people like Mel Gibson being allowed to be as awful as he is but still get paid unreal amounts for overrated work. Not sure which I prefer…

Along with that, though, there are still a lot of actors who seem like genuinely good people, get paid a lot and that’s more or less fine. Take Ryan Reynolds for example, he’s a great guy and gets paid as much as you’d think he would. That’s nice, right? And then there’s Emma Watson. She seems cool, works hard for her cause (feminism and generally keeping the world in good shape with the UN) and she’s a pretty good actress…


She already made a crazy amount of money from working on the Harry Potter franchise (around $60 million) but, since then, she was never really able to keep the ball rolling. Well, if you were starting to feel bad for her, you can stop now since she’s making an absolutely insane amount from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Hollywood Reporter claim that Watson’s upfront cost was a huge $3 million but that’s not it. The rest of her earnings from the film depend on how well it performs in the box office.

Experts estimate that the classic Disney reboot will pull in around $750 million (not much then) which means that Watson stands to earn a further $15 million. That poor, poor girl.


As for the film itself and whether it was all worth it, though, there’s been a mixed bag of reactions. The cats at The Guardian gave it two stars and called Emma Watson’s character, Belle, ‘kind of a dick’, The Atlantic said ‘it’s a tale as old as time, told worse’, and The Verge claim that the remake is a ‘series of wasted opportunities’.

Although on the flip-side, Empire gave it four stars, as did The Telegraph, and The New York Times said that ‘it revels in joy and enchantment.’

Maybe you should go and see it and make your own mind up?

Images via Getty, Disney

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