Durex Are Releasing Their Own Line Of Jeans For Some Reason


Remember when the boy band JLS released their own brand of condoms and everyone thought it was a bit of a joke? Like can you imagine getting lucky with a girl and, when she asks if you’ve got a condom, you say “yeah, let me get one” before producing a box with Aston Merrygold’s face on it? A bit of a mood killer, to say the least.

That was a team-up with British condom brand, Durex, and I’m not sure how it went down for them but it’s pretty safe to say that it was a bit of a weird one. Well, Durex are back at it again with the crazy moves and, apparently, they’re making jeans now.

And when I say jeans, that’s not a pun or a play on words, I mean denim jeans. You know the sort…


Well that’s what they’d have us believe, anyway…

Durex India were the chaps behind the announcement, enlisting the help of ambassador and popular Bollywood star, Ranveer Singh. They’re set to release them later this week, having made the announcement yesterday [Wednesday].

People were quick to react on Twitter to the surprise announcement…

What is actually going on is pretty unknown, Durex India official Rohit Jindal said to Brand Equity:

It made a lot of sense to launch Durex Jeans, which again is something strongly connected with the youth, to create a new product which is aligned to Durex’s reputation for exacting quality standards across all its categories.  We have got the world’s best designers to draw out the very essence of Jeans keeping with the Durex style right down to the signature blue colour and the ’twill’ texture of the surface which gives strength and elasticity, the driving elements of the power and pleasure that come with it.”

To me, it sounds like they’re going to release a condom that’s, well, jeany… Blue in colour with a denim-esque texture (although that might be abrasive?) My other thought – one that I’ve drawn up below – is a normal pair of jeans that has a built in condom when you undo the fly, so you need never take your jeans off to get lucky…


Either those two options or they’ll just be normal jeans, perhaps with a discrete condom pouch?

Images via Wrangler, Durex, iStock, Myself

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