Disney Has Plans For 'Star Wars' Films Up Until 2030


The Star Wars franchise is a fun old thing. For 38 years there were only three films from the series that were worth watching (unless you count about about 15 minutes of Revenge of the Sith) and then The Force Awakens came out and they won us back.

Even though The Force Awakens wasn’t even particularly good, mind you, we all still watched it and got sucked back into the intergalactic fandom. We’re suckers for laser sticks, I guess. Luckily Rogue One was really good, The Last Jedi has us excited and after that there’s a solo Han Solo film (has to be a better way to say that…) that should be a hoot.

But that’s quite a lot of films, isn’t it? Disney really aren’t pulling any punches with the whole Star Wars thing that they acquired in 2012 and are releasing films every year. Really milking that space-cow, aren’t they? And when I say space-cow I mean one of these beauties…


Now then, on that note, it looks like we’re set to get a hell of a lot more Star Wars over the next thirteen years, with Disney CEO Bob Iger saying that they could be releasing one or more films every year until 2030.

We’re starting talk about what could happen after Episode IX. About what could be another decade-and-a-half of Star Wars stories.

No one really knows what to expect after the current trilogy (that ends with the unnamed film after The Last Jedi) hits cinemas and the Han Solo film goes out. There was supposed to be a Boba Fett film but that got cancelled when the director, Josh Trank, was a dick on the set of Fantastic Four, which turned out to be shit anyway.


Along with that, there are constant rumours of a Obi Wan Kenobi film or even a trilogy for when the current one ends, although they are only rumours.

There’s also the potential to have a film about the adventures of the likes of Cassian Andor and K-2SO from Rogue One, since they seemed to go down a treat with audiences.

I wrote a thing guessing the plots for the next standalone Star Wars films. You should read it. Please.

Images via LucasFilm

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