Ben Stiller And Pals Have Helped Raise Over $1 Million For Starving Somalians


It’s amazing what can be achieved when well-meaning celebrities take to social media and get behind a good cause. 

Ben Stiller has showed us that this weekend with his campaign to get food to starving Somalians. The legendary actor took to Twitter on Friday to make a heartfelt plea regarding the dire food situation that many are facing in the country. A drought has caused a devastating famine, with reports suggesting at least 5 million people are affected.

After Turkish Airlines confirmed that they would provide a plane to deliver food, Stiller asked that people donate money to help fill the plane with as much food as possible, an idea given to him by Snapchat star Jerome Jarre. Here’s his post.

Stiller’s efforts were backed up by Jarre and the popular YouTuber Casey Neistat. The public responded to their pleas, and the GoFundMe campaign raised over $1 million in 24 hours with contributions coming in from 50,000 people. That plane will be carrying 60 tonnes of food.

Now Stiller and Jarre are hoping to take it one step further and are asking the 50,000 people that donated to nominate three other people to donate and help the cause. Stiller nominated four, because he’s cheeky like that, and if their latest idea takes off then it could make a huge difference to those who are going hungry in Somalia.

The team are working with an organisation that is currently on the ground in Somalia. The funds raised will be spent on foods such vegetable cooking oil, rice, flour, sugar, porridge, and nutritional biscuits.

Good luck to them, it’s great to see people getting behind an important cause.

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