Adele Stopped Her Concert To Give A Security Guard A Serious Telling Off


Sometimes something just has to be said, and it seems that this was one of these times for everyone’s favourite break up song creator Adele.

During the final leg of her Australian tour, Adele was forced to politely ask a security guard to leave her guests alone. Well, it started out quite polite, and in true Adele form, eventually became quite sweary.

She spotted a particular security guard asking people to sit down several times, and eventually said:

“Excuse me sir? I know you work here but could you stop telling people to sit down? This is a music show.

If people can’t see then they stand up. If you’re moaning about people dancing, what the f*** have you come to a show for? If I see one more person be told to sit down, I swear to God.”

This wasn’t the only excitement during the show, as it was opened by a same sex proposal done on stage. Particularly momentous as Australia have yet to legalize same-sex marriages, Adele said:

“That wasn’t planned… I had no idea.”

But the best moment of the evening had to be when Adele revealed she’s aware of her own status as singer-of-sad-song, saying that if the audience were looking for a good time, they were in the wrong place. Seeing as her shows are “basically just two hours of crying and songs about my ex-boyfriend.”

At least she’s not blindly unaware of the vibe of her show!

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