Tesla Driver Risks His Life And Ruins His Car Saving A Man's Life So Elon Musk Covers The Damage


I lost a skiing pole once when a friend and me were skiing. He fell over and was quickly sliding to a pesky cliff edge. I luckily got around him, threw my poles to the side, dug my skis into the snow and stopped him. Annoyingly one of the poles went down said cliff and I didn’t get my deposit back from the rental place.

I didn’t expect my friend to cover it, obviously, because it was my fault he got into that mess. He was fairly new to skiing and I thought it would be a laugh to try out a really hard run. Let me explain; I’m an idiot.

Anyway, a similar thing happened to a driver in Germany except it totally wasn’t his fault that his car got ruined because he’s a bloody hero.

41-year-old Manfred Kick was driving along an Autobahn in Munich in his Tesla when he noticed a Volkswagen driving erratically on the same road.

He quickly worked out that the driver of said VW was unconscious and so, thinking on his feet (though he was sitting), he sped up to get in front of the car and then gently slowed down, bringing both cars to a halt, damaging his own in the process. Hero. I said so.

As a final cherry on top of the cake, he then got out of his car and performed CPR on the driver who turned out to have suffered from a stroke. Since then, the man has been taken to hospital and is in a stable condition.

The story went somewhat viral and, to Kick’s delight, Tesla owner and creator, Elon Musk, found out and decided to cover the cost of his car’s repair. Lovely man.

Despite his heroics, German Police are conducting a formal investigation against Kick but one of the policemen has said that, more likely than not, he will be rewarded for his bravery.

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