A Really Weird Picture Of Robert Downy Jr Has Surfaced And People Are Freaking Out


One of the main reasons some people want to get famous is so they can have copious amounts of sex. It’s as simple as that really. You couldn’t tell me that Robin Thicke started singing for his love of the trade, no, he just wanted to get laid more.

But what if you want to have as much sex as a celebrity but not to be in the public eye as much? Well that’s where you’ll find members of a celebrity’s entourage (like the god-awful TV show and film), they get similar amounts of sex because they’re close to fame and some people are attracted to that. But what if you still want sex but you want to be even less well known than part of an entourage?

That’s when you become Robert Downy Jr’s dog.

Weird thing to say, granted, but an old photo emerged of the mutt in the background of a pararazzi shot of the actor and it seems like he gets a lot of pussy… so to speak.

Looks like he’s a very good boy, eh?

Robert Downy Jr is yet to comment and, to be honest, I doubt he will. Would be fun though.

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