The Place Where Parents Encourage Their Daughters To Sleep With As Many Boys As Possible


As part of our series exploring the weird and wonderful cultures from around the world, this week we’re going to rural Cambodia to find out how some girls choose who they’re going to marry…

We all know the big problem when you and your partner (or person you want to sleep with) both live with your parents. You can’t go to their house and you definitely couldn’t go to yours, so you find yourself coming up with really creative ways of getting around the situation.

Is my Volkswagen Up big enough? Could you pass sex in a park off as romantic? How quiet is it possible to go?


Oddly, though, that’s not a problem that some young couples in rural Cambodia find themselves with. Why? Well, daddies from some parts of Cambodia elect to build their daughter little huts where they can have as much sex as they like with various boys away from their parents’ house.

Known as love huts, girls are expected to have copious amounts of sex in them until they find a guy that they think they’d be happy to marry. So, essentially, it’s tonnes of hook-ups granted by the father with the ultimate payoff – marriage.

The tribe known as Kreung believe that women become stronger with the more sex they have with different men.


Back in the day the tribe believed that alcohol was the perfect contraceptive to make sure the girls didn’t fall pregnant but, luckily, they now know that it’s practically the opposite and condoms are handed out like nobody’s business.

The girl range from 14+ and seem to be really in favour of the huts, with one of them saying:

The huts provide us independence and are the best way through which we can explore our true lover

The tribes have managed to avoid most cases of teenage violence in the practice but, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, they have a higher than average rate of HIV contraction.

I might stick to getting drunk in pubs and Tinder.

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