Forget Beyoncé, Anderson. Paak Is The Most Exciting Sound To Come Out Of The Grammys 2017


*Disclaimer: I love Beyoncé as much as your average Grammy-snapping Adele, but it’s about time we dedicated some news lines to some of the industry’s newcomers.* 

The music industry is like a freshly-dropped coconut; incredibly hard to break into, but once you’ve truly done it, you can basque in its milky goodness, feast on its decadent fleshy inside world and most likely spend some time on a beach in paradise.

I feel like last night was emerging hip hop artist Anderson. Paak’s coconut-breaking moment. The California-based rapper, who has South Korean and African American roots, started his music career playing piano at church, has been smoothly blending rap, hip-hop, soul and funk together under the watchful eye of Dr Dre since 2015.

He released his first EP Cover Art back in 2013, inspired by the white artists of the fifties and sixties who covered blues and RnB records, he transformed classic white folk and rock tracks and gave them a soul and funk twist. He’s since collaborated with Dr Dre and The Game and released his own debut album, Venice, in 2014.

But last night, despite not winning the Best New Artist gong, he joined A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes on stage to deliver the most powerful political statement and arguably the best performance of the night, calling out ‘President Agent Orange’ during their rendition of We The People:

The sound quality on the video doesn’t really do him justice, but it should be enough for your ears to have perked up to check out these two excellent tracks:

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