The First Poster For 'The Last Jedi' Has Been Released And It's Got Everyone Guessing


Ever since the title of the next Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, was announced, people have been going mad wondering what it was going to be about.

The Last Jedi? What does that mean? Is Luke dead? Does Rey become evil? Is Jedi plural? So many questions and so much time for them to be answered in but, hey, they won’t.

In light of all of the fuss, we’ve now been given our first poster for the film. Ahead of Force Friday, an event in which The Last Jedi merchandise is released,┬áJohn Boyega tweeted this image:

So no huge changes. Rey’s wearing her hair down instead of the weird three buns thing that she had going on in The Force Awakens. On top of that, she’s using Luke’s lightsaber. A lot of fans will be disappointed to see this since there were rumours of her wielding a double-ended lightsaber given that she was already proficient in using that stick thing of hers. But they may have to bear in mind that we didn’t see Luke with his trademark green Lightsaber until Return of the Jedi so we may have to wait for that.

She also appears to be wearing some black cloak underneath her robes, which could be significant in that it might be foreshadowing something…

Meanwhile Poe Dameron is being his normal pilot self but looking a bit more serious than in the last film. Not much to be learned there.

Lastly there’s Finn. He seems to have recovered from his injury that Kylo Ren gave him and he’s still wearing Poe’s jacket. I guess it looks good on him. On top of that, this might be pointless speculation but it sort of looks like he’s wearing Jedi-style robes underneath the jacket. That could be interesting if he also turns out to be able to use the force and it would reinforce the fan theory that came out of nowhere that suggest Rey will turn evil.

On the other hand, all of the brainwashing that Finn supposedly got from the First Order could come back into play and he could join the dark side with his new Jedi training.

Probably not though.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Disney

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