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Weatherman Goes Viral After Burning His Daughter Over Text

My dad is really good at making cars. That’s like his thing. Every now and then I’ll try to trick him by making up fake car parts and asking him about them, but he always catches me out. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool Mr. Powell.

18-year-old Claire Holcomb tried to do the same thing to her dad, Chris Holcomb, the chief meteorologist at WXIA-TV in Atlanta. She did it with weather, though. Not cars.

Last week, daddy Holcomb reported that there was to be snow showers in their area. All was well until he walked off set and saw that his daughter had texted him, opposing his opinion.

Chris wasn’t having any of that, putting Claire in her place so hard that she found herself in serious need of some ice (you know, to treat the burn).


Chris said that his family and friends are partial to a bit of the ol’ Holcomb banter so he decided to share the conversation online. Little did he know that it would go hugely viral…

People loved it.

And then a load of other weather guys started teaming up with him… like The Avengers.

How… weird. Fun though.

Meanwhile, Claire’s in a bath of aloe vera, downing her second bottle of Jack Daniels, trying to soothe those serious burns…

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