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Undateables’ Sam Reveals What Happened With His Date Once The Cameras Stopped Rolling

After warming hearts on last week’s The Undateables, 23-year-old Sam Green has offered an update on his burgeoning love life.  

Postman Sam, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was matched on the show with 25-year-old care worker Amy. They seemed to hit it off, and Sam scored a second date (his first ever).


We left them on a high note, and fans have been eager to learn whether or not the relationship continued to blossom off screen.

Appearing on This Morning, Sam has revealed that he and Amy did in fact enjoy a third date, but decided not to take things further than that. But don’t be disheartened. Even though things didn’t work out this time, Sam is still feeling positive about his search for love:

“I’m still looking for a person that I can relate to. I want someone who is fun and adventurous, that doesn’t mind who she wants to be. Someone that’s a bit crazy.”

He also seemed over-the-moon to have got to a third date:

“Three dates – that’s a record for me. I did rush things before. My mouth takes over sometimes. It takes the control stick. Afterwards, I’m like ‘Woah what’s going on? What did I just say?'”.


People watching at home were certainly charmed:

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Images via ITV, Channel 4


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