The Trailer For The New Idris Elba TV Series Looks Seriously Intense


It’s been a busy year for Idris Elba, what with him chilling out in gleaming white rooms surrounded by boxsets for Sky, voicing three animated characters, and being continually touted as the next James Bond. Not to mention the two Screen Actors’ Guild Awards he picked up last January.

This time around, Guerrilla sees Elba making his return to UK TV drama after a year-long absence. The Luther star is both executive producer and actor, and will line up alongside Babou Ceesay (Eye in the Sky) and Freida Pinto (a.k.a. Latikaaaaaaaa from Slumdog Millionaire).

Check out the trailer here:

The story, written by Oscar winner John Ridley, has been described as a “created narrative” in 1970s London that follows Jas and Marcus, two composite characters, as the Black Power movement clashes with a racist police force. Elba plays a more peaceful activist in the bid for racial parity.

Lots of guns, lots of crazy eyes, and Rory Kinnear looking menacing as (who will presumably be) a despicable law enforcement figure.

Guerrilla will air on Sky Atlantic on the 13th of April

Image via Sky Atlantic

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