Sherlock Creators Speak Out About Last Night's Huge Twist


This article obviously contains spoilers for the latest episode of Sherlock so, if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want the plot given away, go somewhere else. Stay on the site, by all means. We like the traffic but just not this page…

So, the second and penultimate episode of Sherlock series 4 aired last night and it was a pretty big one.

At the end of the episode, we found out that the woman pretending to be Watson’s therapist, rush hour crush and Culverton Smith’s daughter were the same person. Not only that, but she was Sherlock and Mycroft’s long lost sister, Eurus (which means east wind).


After a screening at the BAFTA Cymru in Cardiff, the show creators hosted a Q and A where they told all about the chaos that had just ensued.

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat explained how the idea that Sherlock had a sister had been in the back of their minds ever since the first episode. Gatiss said:

It started as a joke years, years ago. Right from the beginning of the first season, there was a line in ‘The Great Game’ when we were sort of sketching in the idea of the Holmes family and there was going to be a line about Mycroft being a member, Sherlock admitting that he was cleverer than him and then him kindly saying, mind you…my sister…

It was absolutely cut off, and that’s really where it all began.

[At the time] we thought, we won’t do too much. And thank god we didn’t, as it gives us this place to go.


But that wasn’t the only shock of Sherlock. People were frankly dumbfounded to see that Watson had been seeing a girl behind Mary’s back. Steven decided to tackle that one, head on, saying:

He’s a fully rounded character. He’s a fully rounded human being with all the normal flaws that people have.”

BuzzFeed then asked him if he was going to be back to his usual self for the next episode, to which he said:

We’re not going to say now that he’s cosy and lovely, you don’t get Martin Freeman to play that.”

One of the weirder things to happen in last night’s episode was Mrs Hudson driving her Aston Martin to Watson’s therapist’s house like a loonie. Una Stubbs (who plays Mrs Hudson) loved that part, saying:

I loved it. Did you like my driving? When they told me that there was this car sequence, I hoped and I hoped that I was actually driving because I loved it. I haven’t driven for a long time now.


Sadly it was a Bond stunt driver behind the wheel in that case.

The next episode is shaping up to be a good one.

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