Mike Tyson Just Dropped A New Diss Track Aimed At Soulja Boy


Not only have Soulja Boy and Chris Brown decided to settle their differences in a boxing ring, but now Mike Tyson has teased an official diss track, “If You Show Up,” firing shots at Soulja Boy. Floyd Mayweather and Tyson will train the respective rappers, with the fight taking place under the former’s promotions company.

We have a proud history of official songs for major sporting events here in the UK. Baddiel and Skinner, the Farm, Chas and Dave — all household names. And we can only assume Tyson looked to James Corden and Dizzee Rascal’s 2010 World Cup version of ‘Shout’ when penning this track.

Iron Mike’s diss track is all about doing what he does best: nurturing the love of boxing and teaching others how to knock each other out. He chucks in a little, “I’m Mike Tyson,” just in case we allĀ forget what his name is.

Unfortunately for Mike, however, his foray into hip-hop sounds more like one of those elaborate YouTube video intros, with huge animated text and explosions, only to cut to a teenager unboxing this brand new iPhone.

I doubt we’ll see Tyson invited by 1Xtra for Fire in the Booth anytime soon.

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