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Australian TV Had The Most Awkward New Year’s Countdown Ever And It’s Brilliant

So far, 2017’s been a pretty good year. Olivier Giroud has scored the best goal football has ever seen, someone @et me on Twitter which, like, never happens and it turns out my car’s petrol tank isn’t leaking. What more could you want?

Even if it’s gone badly for some, it couldn’t be much worse than last year, could it? We’re only three days in and even the last seconds of 2016 were dire. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this…

The Australian TV show, The Loop, decided to let general members of the public (competition winners, I believe) count down to the new year and, oddly, none of them really seemed up to the task.

That is a group of people who were put on the spot to a monumental degree. They probably thought they’d won a holiday or something and, instead, they had to ponce about on camera with pom poms.

Why would you not watch the fireworks, anyway?

What do you think? If 2017’s even half as awkward as that, it’s going to be another hard year.

Image via The Loop

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