Man's Sweary Rant On Why 2016 Was Actually Great, Goes Viral


Most of us would agree that 2016 has been pretty shit. 

Lots of our favourite celebrities have died, innocent people lost their lives as wars raged and terrorists dropped bombs. Brexit happened, and a sexist pig became president of America. Pretty bad, right.

But, one guy, Matt Strange has taken it upon himself to remind us all as the year draws to a close, that some good stuff actually did happen. Apparently. In a expletive-filled rant on Facebook that has been liked and shared nearly 20,000 times, he argues that he’s done with all the “OMG 2016 was terrible” posts:

As he puts it,

“Take some time to look at the fucking good and beauty in this world, good shit is happening, learn it, support it, be part of it.”

Obviously we can’t forget all the bad that’s happened, but we should think of all the excellent things that have also happened this year too.

Do you agree with Matt? Let us know in the comments. 


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