Theory Proves That Every 'Black Mirror' Episode Is Connected


While Charlie Brooker claims that his Black Mirror episodes aren’t all connected, it’s looking pretty likely that they all take place within the same universe, at least. 

Numerous easter eggs and hidden connections – all harking back to other episodes – have been spotted across the three seasons, and we’ve lined up some of the biggest.

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Towards the end of The National Anthem – as we flash forward one year to see how things are going for poor Prime Minister Callow – the news ticker makes reference to a “Tillsdale fire enquiry”.


On The Waldo Moment, we see the same thing:


Then, in Shut Up And Dance (the third episode in the new season), one of the disgraced journalists is looking at a web page, on which we can see a news story, announcing Callow’s divorce:


(If you remember, he’d been having marital troubles as a result of the whole pig copulation.)

On the same webpage, you can also see a picture of Victoria Skillane, and a reference to her trial. She’s the woman who gets tormented in White Bear.


Then, running across the top of the page of the webpage, there’s this:


15 Million Merits is, of course, the game show that featured in 15 Million Merits –  the episode which starred Jessica Brown Findlay as a woman entering an X Factor style competition, to escape her slave-like existence.

Any eagle-eyed viewers might also have spotted her on a billboard, in The Waldo Moment:


In almost every single episode, we see a news channel called UKN, which is of course a major clue that they all take place in the same universe.

There’s also this cheeky little easter egg from Nosedive: we see the following post on Lacie’s feed:


If you look closer, it’s a post from Michael Callow – the prime minister from The National Anthem – saying that he’s been “kicked out of the zoo again”.


Maybe he realised that he liked a bit of bestiality?

Let us know any Black Mirror connections that you’ve spotted in the comments! 

Images via Channel 4 / Netflix

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