The 'All-You-Can-Bang Brothels', Where You Have Sex With Multiple Women, All Night


Germany is famous for many things: The Berlin Wall, Bratwurst sausages, a liberal approach to refugees and Oktoberfest, to name a few. 

But recently, the country has become famed for opening one of the first flat-rate brothels. Since legalising prostitution in 2002, Germany has seen a colossal rise in the sex industry, and ventures such as the King George brothel in Berlin have become more common.

So what does flat-rate mean in the world of sex work? It’s basically like an all you can eat Chinese buffet, but instead of delicious Asian food, it’s women who are being served up on a never ending platter. For just 99 euros, men who visit the brothel can stay from 4pm-dawn and have sex with as many women, as many times, as they fancy.

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The 30 or so women (who are mainly from Eastern Europe) who work there can have sex up to twenty times a night. As club owner Sascha told Vice, when they visited the brothel in 2014, he makes sure they only work five days a week: “To regenerate. Mentally and physically.”

It’s hard to imagine what that strain must cause the women, but as one woman Katja, says:

“[I like it] Sometimes, but not really. You’re not supposed to like work though.”

Too true, and the money the women earn at the King George far surpasses the earnings of a woman working on the streets. They make 50 cents of every euro earned, and on a bad night walk away with 100 euros. One woman, Klaudia, explained that her earnings as a sex worker make her £475 a night as opposed to the £1030 a month she makes in her day job as a nurse:

“A lot of the money isn’t even from sex. The men just want to talk or share a bottle of champagne with me, I’ll often have three of them here at once sitting in the jacuzzi and laughing.”


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As prostitution is legal, the women also pay taxes, meaning their earnings contribute to German society. For owner Sascha, the club is about much more than sexual exchanges:

“Traditional brothels, are uncomfortable for a lot of men. They rush you in and out and some guys get nervous and can’t perform. Here, a customer can treat it like his own pub and they have time to talk to the girls.”

A pint and a fuck, doesn’t sound too bad, I’m just not sure I’m entirely comfortable with the throwaway connotations towards women that are branded as “all-you-can-bang.”

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